Espelette Pepper

Due to its delicate spicy taste and to its amazing flavour, Espelette chilli pepper is famous all over the world.

Indeed, in powder or in paste, Espelette chilli pepper has become an integral part of the Basque gastronomy.

Its powder comes from the long drying of the chilli peppers after they have reached maturity. Just after this phase, the chilli peppers are “burnt” in the drying-oven, and they are eventually crushed into a powder which is preserved into a jar. In the old days, the string of Espelette Peppers was left to dry naturally on the façades of the houses, then it was put into a bread oven to finish the drying and eventually left to cool down before being crushed. To prepare Espelette chilli pepper puree, the seeds are crushed at the same time as the fruits which gives a fruity taste to this products: the flavours of tomato and red peppers.

Espelette Pepper