BiPiA - Craft Canning Espelette

Born September 3, 1997, thanks to the collaboration and participation of many actors, BiPiA canning craft lies in the heart of the production area duPiment Espelette in the Basque Country.

BiPiA is located in Larressore (about 5 km Espelette), in an exceptional location at the foot of the former seminary, two no Arnaga, home of Edmond Rostand, in a bend of the river Nive, surrounded by greenery.

BiPiA currently employs 6 people and has an annual turnover of about 650 000 euro (4.2 million). The products are distributed in all networks including export (Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany).

This has led us to produce our own "ozpina" (ACV) by setting up a collaboration with the Craft Cider Txopinondo that produces Sagarno (typical drink of the Basque Country close relative of cider). The product is very aromatic and allows us to bring more flavors to sauces we develop.

The highlight of our year is the arrival of the harvest. Important moment, because of the quality of the crop will depend on the quality of the products developed in the future.

We will wash the fruit, put them to drain, then we will sort to lay the non-compliant, then remove the stems, all by hand, one by one, to keep the best, painstaking work! These requirements are mandatory if we want to maintain the quality of our products, it is not possible to do well without some sort and that in the cost!

Craft production because manual, we focus the expertise, know-how recognized a degree of Master Craftsman. Our technical expertise gives our products the organoleptic qualities and conservation rarely equaled to this day.

* On an average harvest of 9,000 pounds this association represents 230 of 250 000 peppers to sort.