Sauces and condiments with Espelette Chili Pepper

Give to all your dishes a Basque gastronomic touch by using our Espelette chili pepper products.

Discover the wide range of our Basque chili pepper based products: sauces: mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, anchoiade.

Espelette chili pepper mustard Bazk’Alde for your barbecues, Basque ketchup, for your culinary preparations, mayonnaise renamed "Bayonnaise" to combine to your cold dishes or the Basque Ardent sauce to give a spicy touch to your pizzas and meat. BiPia will always surprise you with its Espelette chili pepper based products !

Make your barbecues tasty by giving them a Basque flavour.

These espelette chili pepper sauces were specially concocted to give flavour to your barbecues ! A traditional barbecue is called Zikiro in the Basque country. We season our zikiro with our Espelette chili pepper Basque sauce and our marinade sauce.

Sauces and condiments with Espelette Chili Pepper