Espellete Pepper

The Expert in Espelette chilli pepper

In powder, in paste, in jelly or in strings: The thrill of Espelette chilli pepper in all its forms!

Jean-Louis SalaberryA warm welcome from Jean-Louis Sallaberry, Master craftsman, and all his team on Bipia web site , Condiments and Basque spices.

For an original and gastronomic Cuisine, trust BIPIA , real expert in the art of preparing and concocting condiments out of Espelette chilli pepper: BIPIA, a traditional hand-made production with no added preservatives, but above all, the passion for a country, a land and a product, Espelette chilli pepper.

Indulge and try our Espelette chilli pepper sauces and condiments, our sheep cheese, our Basque homemade jams, without forgetting our Basque wines, Irouleguy, Txakoli, ciders, beers and local brandies.

Buy a Bipia product and you will buy an original high quality product!